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A beautiful wall sonce lighting can make any corner of your room form a unique landscape and impress your guests. We have plug in wall lights and wall lamps with plug in our store. Beautiful wall light fixtures in various styles can easily decorate your interior space. For different rooms, we have led wall lights for hallways, bathroom sconces, vintage royal candle wall sconces for living room wall light, adorable wall lights for bedrooms and so on. Come and buy our modern wall sconces.


Smooth prismatic and fluted silhouettes give this contemporary resin wall sconce a modern and elegant vibe. The Resin Fluted Wall Sconce illuminates your space with a soft ambient light that radiates a charming glow. The Modern Ribbed Resin Wall Sconce is available in green and white. This modern fluted resin wall sconce is suitable for well-lit spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms.


This golden wall sconce body is made of matte brushed antique metal finish, and brilliant crystal lampshade creates a soft glow, Make your room more luxurious and rich in texture, Increase the sense of artistic atmosphere of the whole space.


This outdoor light fixture is a slim rectangle that complements a variety of styles of home decor. The exterior light is open at the bottom for easy cleaning and bulb replacement. The clear shade showcases the bulb of your choice, creating a stunning lighting effect outdoors.

SKU: 2024012210-3

This wall sconce uses a delicate tulip shade with a copper base that exudes rustic charm, six shades of translucent shade options that exude a unique and whimsical glow, and its adjustable head allows for personalized illumination, no matter what angle it's at.


The concept of this wall sconce originates from modernism, showing the beauty of simplicity without simplicity with its unique cylindrical appearance and exquisite detailing. Its elegant lines and smooth shape make this wall sconce easy to integrate into spaces with a variety of modern décor styles.

SKU: LilyWL240129-GW

The Lily of The Valley Wall Lamp is a beautiful and functional wall lamp whose sophisticated look, sturdy material, applicable scenarios and features make it an ideal choice for interior decoration. By choosing this flower wall lamp, you will get an elegant and cozy lighting effect that will add a unique charm to your space.


The styling concept of the Modern Exquisite Glass Wall Sconce is modern and sophisticated. Its sleek lines and glass and metal parts make the entire fixture look both stylish and elegant. Whether it's in your living room, hallway or bedroom, it can easily fit into a variety of modern décor styles while adding a unique aesthetic to your space.


This vintage industrial style wall sconce is made of natural solid wood elements with painted iron lamp base, which is rust and corrosion resistant. The acrylic shade is crystal clear and unbreakable, ensuring safe use of the bulb and you. Add a vintage flavor to your living space.


With its minimalist design and several useful features, this Modern 40-inch 2-Light Gold LED Wall Sconce Set (Set of 2) adds a unique charm to home decor. This led wall light features 350° rotation, light memory and dimmable, and a built-in high-quality LED light source.


This frosted antique brass wall sconce with linen shade catches the eye with its unique design and materials. Perfect for hallways, bedrooms or main living spaces, this brass wall sconce will add a touch of elegance to any setting.


This is a unique and functional wall sconce with an elegant design and superior texture with its golden brass body and cream pleated shade. Equipped with a one-way light setting and a knob rotary switch for easy operation. The included mounting hardware makes installation quick and easy for any other living area in your home.


Featuring a sleek, modern design, it can be mounted horizontally or vertically to cast a soft, pleasing light. Tubular etched opal glass diffuses the light from both fixtures. The exquisite craftsmanship and affordable price are sure to multiply your taste for luxury living.


This orange donut lamp is not only a brilliantly functional lighting product, but also a unique and beautiful decorative piece. Its orange donut exterior design, smart control switch, high quality glass material and multiple color mode options make it a functional and beautiful product.


With 18 colors to choose from, our glass Up Down wall sconce can meet all your color needs. Whether in contrasting or solid colours, this gentle art glass wall light won't disappoint. The modern wall lamp can be illuminated above and below, which is both practical and artistic, and can be used to decorate any place outdoors or indoors, such as bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms, living rooms, and even bathroom mirrors.


The minimalist industrial swing arm wall lamp is not just a wall sconce light, but also an artistic decoration for your bedroom, living room, hallway and so on. When using it, you can adjust the angle as needed.


The modern 3-Light bathroom sconces with clear glass shades bring a simple and refined feel to your home with its versatile up or down installation. Showcasing sleek warm brass accents and clear glass globe shades, this fixture boasts a timeless spherical silhouette that is sure to complement your existing style and furnishings.


The Natural Style Alabaster Wall Sconce is an elegant and modern wall light. It features a hardware lamp body and elongated shape with a natural alabaster, pure natural grain, internal impurity-free, clear and beautiful grain, and translucent light is soft and not blinding.


Use Linear IP67 Waterproof LED Exterior Wall Lights to decorate your outdoor patio or indoor room! These LED wall lights are waterproof, energy-efficient and durable.

SKU: MMLLW1221-1

The modern metal linear LED wall sconce light is a sleek and contemporary lighting fixture designed with a long rectangular shape and energy-efficient LED lights. Its minimalist design and durability make it a stylish and practical lighting solution for a variety of indoor spaces.


The farmhouse candle wall sconces create a beautiful focal point in your vintage-inspired room. Its rustic design is popular and timeless.

SKU: WL2023041007-2

This wall sconce is one of the stylish Italian designs. The designer wanted to create a contemporary wall light with refined lines and a stunning visual effect. Not only are there 1-arm swing arm sconces, there are also 2-arm styles that can be projected into many different parts of a room, such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and more. Additionally, the shade features independent rotation for even greater flexibility.


The angle of Tube LED Swing Arm Wall Light for Bedroom can be flexibly adjusted to suit any of your reading needs. It can be used at your bedside as a bedtime reading companion.

SKU: ML-0125-2

Crystal Wall lamp is an outstanding modernist wall light. This wall light consists of highly alternating glass crystal rods that form multiple layers. It features a sculptural design with elements of an Art Deco skyscraper, giving the space a stylish and luxurious vibe.


The simple modern milk globe glass wall sconce is suitable for decorating bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and other scenes in modern homes.


Modern scandinavian colorful wall lights for bedroom are specifically designed to be mounted on the walls of bedrooms, providing soft ambient light to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. 

SKU: EB0481

This LED wall light for bedroom has an adjustable head and body allowing you to choose where the light is placed. It is a simple industrial recessed reading light on the wall.


The Art Deco Metal Wall Sconce features a sleek and minimalist design that blends seamlessly into any modern interior. The lamp is made from high-quality metal and has an unique shade, allowing for customized lighting in any space.


Unique Art Glass Decorative Wall Sconces are wall-mounted lighting fixture. They feature a unique pebble-shaped design. They emit a soft and warm light for bedroom , bathroom, living room and so on.

SKU: ML-223-6

Modern glass wall sconce light fixtures are a great showcase for symmetry and glass aesthetics, a timeless classic. Sculpted mold-blown glass spheres glow in milky opaque, translucent color, or clear glass. Available in a variety of colors.


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The Alocasia Leaf wall lamp is inspired by the Alocasia plant, known for its sculptural leaves. It features a delicate, slender stem leading to a curved shade that resembles the shape of the Alocasia plant. With an adjustable head that casts a soft, warm glow in any direction, it is ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere. This beautifully modern industrial wall lamp is sure to brighten your life in many ways.


The linear LED wall light has a long tube shape with many length types. which is a low-power wall lamp. Provides soft lighting. Very suitable for lighting the exhibition space. 

SKU: ML-0100-1

This artistic Pure Copper Lotus Leaf Wall Sconce is made of high-quality Brass still and will make a great addition to any interior. High Quality Copper, Exquisite craftsmanship, Energy efficient LED light source.


Contemporary wall sconce with art glass shades is an artistic wall light in two colors that can be used in the bathroom. It fits perfectly in every scene. The smoky gray highlights the atmosphere, and the water ripple creates a hazy feeling.

SKU: ML-0015-1

Crystal Ball Candle Wall Sconces Light was crafted by a famous designer, who strives to balance luxurious materials with exceptional craftsmanship. Large Single Wall Crystal Ball Each finely faceted sphere is hand ground and polished to reflect and refract light.

SKU: ML-130-2

The inspiration for the design of Lederam Wall lamp is the asteroids of the universe, when the lamp is lit, it looks like a glowing asteroid in the universe. The wall lamp features an adjustable disc on the front that adjusts the brightness of the light.

SKU: ML-052-1

Bedroom Decorative LED Antique Brass Wall Sconce is a modern and stylish led wall light that adds a touch of sophistication to any room. It has a sleek and elegant design that will complement any décor.

SKU: ML-145

IC Lights Wall Light combines designers’ love of industrial simplicity with intricate symbolism. Available in two sizes and two-color finishes. The lamp features a blown opal glass design that provides diffused lighting and a sense of tranquility.

SKU: ML-0124-2

Brass Deer Head Wall Light is not static in the Nordic design. It uses elk as the base of the wall lamp, and the lampshade perfectly forms a unique balance with the base. The light emitted by this wall sconce is warm and comfort.

SKU: ML-211-1

Crafted of solid brass, its minimalist architecture features Edison bulbs set within cylinders of ribbed glass, shimmering like candles. Fontanelle Wall lamp is very popular with its special appearance design. The light it emits is warm and comfortable. Ideal for bedroom, living room and sink. You can choose the right product according to your needs.

SKU: ML-0101-1

This Clear Glass Shade Wall Sconces is designed with a very minimal and elegant look to suit any space and is full of modern design. Evolve this stunning piece from classic, retro industrial with some modern twists.


Brass Vanity Wall Lamp is made of high-quality brass to add color to any interior. High quality copper, superb craftsmanship, energy efficient LED light source. This pure copper LED retro wall lamp is the designer's dream. It will create beautiful works for any interior decoration. 


The NH wall lamp has a very stylish and simple appearance. The unique look is achieved through a delicate brass ring on which the spherical glass shade is strung. The diffuser can also move along the brass ring and have different positions. If you want to decorate your interior space with Scandinavian style, then this lamp is the perfect choice for you.

SKU: WL1235E

Cast Sconce Wall Lamp embodies a design style brought by geometric elements and smooth lines, showing the elegance of modern industrial art.

SKU: WLB381545-1

The VL38 wall lamp features the same timeless and organic design as this range of table lamps.The wall lamp consists of a beautiful brass arm and a white or black round shade. With classic simple color, VL38 Wall Lamp is modern and chic. The wall light is a good lighting tool and decoration, which will never be out-dated. 

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