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A beautiful wall sonce lighting can make any corner of your room form a unique landscape and impress your guests. We have plug in wall lights and wall lamps with plug in our store. Beautiful wall light fixtures in various styles can easily decorate your interior space. For different rooms, we have led wall lights for hallways, bathroom sconces, vintage royal candle wall sconces for living room wall light, adorable wall lights for bedrooms and so on. Come and buy our modern wall sconces.

SKU: DRWD112-1

Decorative round wall decor LED wall light is a stylish and modern lighting fixture designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any interior space.


The glass Up Down wall sconce is available in 18 color combinations to suit any ambience of any space you have. The contrasting colors of this modern wall lamp are creative.


The minimalist industrial swing arm wall lamp is not just a wall sconce light, but also an artistic decoration for your bedroom, living room, hallway and so on. When using it, you can adjust the angle as needed.


The Natural Style Alabaster Wall Sconce is an elegant and modern wall light. It features a hardware lamp body and elongated shape with a natural alabaster, pure natural grain, internal impurity-free, clear and beautiful grain, and translucent light is soft and not blinding.


Use Linear IP67 Waterproof LED Exterior Wall Lights to decorate your outdoor patio or indoor room! These LED wall lights are waterproof, energy-efficient and durable.

SKU: MMLLW1221-5

The modern metal linear LED wall sconce light is a sleek and contemporary lighting fixture designed with a long rectangular shape and energy-efficient LED lights. Its minimalist design and durability make it a stylish and practical lighting solution for a variety of indoor spaces.


The farmhouse candle wall sconces create a beautiful focal point in your vintage-inspired room. Its rustic design is popular and timeless.

SKU: WL2023041007-2

Modern Swing Arm Wall Sconce is famous for its lampshade whose edge has a modified arc, making it look like a shell. The long arms and rotatable shades add practicality to this stylish wall lamp.


The angle of Tube LED Swing Arm Wall Light for Bedroom can be flexibly adjusted to suit any of your reading needs. It can be used at your bedside as a bedtime reading companion.

SKU: ML-0125-2

Crystal Wall lamp is an outstanding modernist wall light. This wall light consists of highly alternating glass crystal rods that form multiple layers. It features a sculptural design with elements of an Art Deco skyscraper, giving the space a stylish and luxurious vibe.


Modern scandinavian colorful wall lights for bedroom are specifically designed to be mounted on the walls of bedrooms, providing soft ambient light to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. 


The Art Deco Metal Wall Sconce features a sleek and minimalist design that blends seamlessly into any modern interior. The lamp is made from high-quality metal and has an unique shade, allowing for customized lighting in any space.

SKU: WL2023041002-2

This is a bird-inspired wall lamp. Using it in a room is like coming to a natural forest in a fairy tale. Bedroom, hallway, living room can be decorated.

SKU: LI0222

The linear LED wall light has a long tube shape with many length types. which is a low-power wall lamp. Provides soft lighting. Very suitable for lighting the exhibition space. The lamp is available in one finish.

SKU: ML-0100-1

This artistic Pure Copper Lotus Leaf Wall Sconce is made of high-quality Brass still and will make a great addition to any interior. High Quality Copper, Exquisite craftsmanship, Energy efficient LED light source.


Contemporary wall sconce with art glass shades is an artistic wall light in two colors that can be used in the bathroom. It fits perfectly in every scene. The smoky gray highlights the atmosphere, and the water ripple creates a hazy feeling.

SKU: ML-052-1

Bedroom Decorative LED Antique Brass Wall Sconce is a modern and stylish led wall light that adds a touch of sophistication to any room. It has a sleek and elegant design that will complement any décor.

SKU: ML-0124-2

Brass Deer Head Wall Light is not static in the Nordic design. It uses elk as the base of the wall lamp, and the lampshade perfectly forms a unique balance with the base. The light emitted by this wall sconce is warm and comfort.

SKU: ML-0101-1

This Clear Glass Shade Wall Sconces is designed with a very minimal and elegant look to suit any space and is full of modern design. Evolve this stunning piece from classic, retro industrial with some modern twists.


Brass Vanity Wall Lamp is made of high-quality brass to add color to any interior. High quality copper, superb craftsmanship, energy efficient LED light source. This pure copper LED retro wall lamp is the designer's dream. It will create beautiful works for any interior decoration. 

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