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About PING Lighting

PING Lighting is a company specialized in lighting industry. There are many types of lamps in our shop. Suitable for various occasions.

PING Lighting is not only in the business of exporting luminaires but is also dedicated to the development of light fixtures that suitable for life.

We have an online light shop. The PING online lighting store we run enables customers in many countries around the world to purchase designer lamps of different styles without leaving their homes.

For us, the peace of mind of our customers is our biggest goal. You don't have to worry about the safety of the lamps or the shopping. Our luminaires are CE certified in accordance with European standards. 

Our website is monitored by a third party platform and the information we collect from you is kept confidential and used for your shopping process. 

What we provide?

We offer the light fixtures needed for a bright and modern home

A variety of lamps suitable for different scenes
Whether you live in a private apartment or your own detached cottage, or work on commercial projects, why not browse our website? Here you'll find a variety of lighting methods and trends about light fixtures that allow you to upgrate your home without having to hire a designer.

High quality

We have our own factory and can provide quality assurance for your purchase.

Our luminaires are designed for long-life use. Therefore, we will carry out more processing of raw materials to achieve the effect of long-term use. 

Professtional lighting suggestions​

In addition to being able to purchase light fixtures on our website, you can also get advice about lighting from us. If you have no idea what kind of lamps and brightness your room should use, then you may wish to browse our articles or ask us directly.

Good price​

The prices of the products sold on our website are lower than most online light stores, because our prices are determined according to the material, the complexity of the product and the cost of transportation. If you have any questions about the price, you can contact us by email.

After-sales team

We have an after-sales team who are responsible for communicating with you via email. If you have any questions during the shopping process, you can contact us by email. We want to provide you with a good shopping experience.

multiple choices

We sell a variety of lamps and lanterns to meet your diversified purchasing needs.

Interior Light Fixtures and Designer Lamps

Lamps are a necessity for any indoor and outdoor

There are many uses of lights, residential, commercial or indoor and outdoor have different options. Therefore, lamps are indispensable items in daily life. Light give people warmth and security in the dark, and lamps can also become a beautiful decoration during the day.

Our Promise

1. You can cancel your order free of charge within 48 hours. For details, please refer to our Refund policy.

2. Some items are covered by one-year warranty from the date of purchase (not including bulbs). For details, please see our Refund policy.

3. After receiving the email from you, we will answer you as soon as we see it.

4. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the speed of logistics and transportation has slowed down, but we will do our best to process orders and deliver goods for you in the fastest and best way.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Email: [email protected]

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