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SKU: PLQW1563-1

The outer shade of KTribe Suspension is available in a variety of finishes, made of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), and the inner surface is made of a vacuum-aluminum coating. Reflecting light from the translucent lampshade, this lamp is sure to create a romantic atmosphere in your living space.

SKU: ML-038-1

KUU Pendant Light was inspired by the moon. KUU—which means moon in Finnish—is designed to provide direct and indirect light by simply rotating the pendant’s inner circle. 

SKU: ML-054-1

Laurent Collection is like smooth milk balls, giving the space design a fashionable and warm atmosphere. The shapes are sculpted in space, moving between lines, surfaces and volumes.

SKU: PL09854-1

Vertigo Nova chandelier fixture has a unique and elegant line shape with a novel appearance that blends perfectly with the space. The central bulb of the chandelier has been replaced with a warm LED light source in the shape of a flying saucer, which is very innovative and attractive.

SKU: ML-155-2

The P1 LED pendant is inspired by the early metal fence of the balconies and windows around Taiwan. By geometric shapes make metal structure to design decorative design, the chandeliers and track lights are combined in a luminaire.

SKU: NEW-6-6

Mega Bulb Pendant lamp is designed to be completely transparent: the lampshade, bulb and light lines are clear and allow light to pass through. Mainly made of blown glass and porcelain.


Several iron wires form this hollow diamond-shape pendant light, Metal wire pendant lamp. It is a good choice for any indoor decoration due to its ingenious design and black finish.

SKU: ML-174-1

Mila Brass pendant lamp is simple and elegant. Mila's pearly spheres radiate a beautiful and harmonious radiance, achieved through the combination of hand-blown artisan glass with its delicately curved soft geometry. Mila is available in a variety of sizes and configurations

SKU: ML-068-1-1

This Glass ball pendant lamp brings a dash of modern inspiration to your home decor arrangement as it lends a good light. This contemporary design can modernize your place. This Mila Pendant Lamp featuring a simple metal design makes a subtle statement in any space.

SKU: ML-215-2

This MOMENTO Pendant Lamp has a unique shape and is loved by everyone. It breaks the traditional lampshade design style, like the feeling of a drop of water falling into the water. A particularly comfortable and relaxing atmosphere can be created. 

SKU: 25-15-3

Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp with Rotatable Lampshades is outlining the beauty of geometric figures. Made of metal and steel, it has two rotatable opposing shades to create various models. Available in one size and seven finishes.

SKU: ML-268-1

With its sleek and minimalist aesthetic, the White Saucer Nelson Bubble Pendant Light effortlessly complements various interior styles.

SKU: ML-280-8

Compared with usual glass pendant lamps, Noctambule Suspension Light features a distinct shape of cans. It is available in two models with transparent glass lampshade.

SKU: ML-061-1

Nordic Minimalism Pendant Light combines modern style with traditional industrial design. Rich color combinations are paired with austere designs to create a different aesthetic feeling.

SKU: ML-180-1

NUCE SUSPENSION, a pendant lamp with blown glass diffuser, available in four colors: transparent, smoked, taupe and olive green, metal with stainless steel finish. It emits diffuse light through the glass lampshade. The light it emits is warm and comfortable. Ideal for bedrooms and living rooms. You can choose the right product according to your needs.

SKU: ML-128-2

Geometry in its purest form. Origo collection is very popular with its special appearance design. The light it emits is warm and comfortable. Ideal for living rooms and rooms. You can choose the right product according to your needs.

SKU: ML-279-1

Overlap Suspension Lamp is inspired by the cocoon of butterfly. The warm light inside makes it looks like a moon, rendering a peaceful atmosphere. This interior suspension lamp is a modern pendant lamp that features two interlocking rings which intersect at right angles. 

SKU: PL11120-N52

The Parentesi light uses metal as the material of the lamp.You can enjoy enough at any time. Rich choice of finishes. Use for living room, bedroom and so on.


Perforated metal ceiling light emits soft light outwards and direct light downwards, providing ample lighting for the space. Its perforated pattern casts vivid shadows around it, giving the space a romantic and captivating ambience.

SKU: PLPI10003-1

With classic simple color, the Piola lamp is shaped like an infinitely spiraling ribbon, which will never be out-dated. Mainly made of high polymer and metal. Available in two colors and one size.

SKU: ML-271-1

Bundling several glass balls by the thin cable, Random pendant light makes water drops visible. Available in four colors, this glass pendant lamp will be sparkling when illuminated.

SKU: 25-665

Nordic boho bell shaped rattan chandelier is made of natural bamboo handmade rattan. Combining artisanal technology with modern comfort and nature, Rattan Pendant Light displays a very new artistic aesthetic and is a great treat for your eyes.

SKU: ML-163-1

The Revolve Pendant Lamp consists of an opal glass diffuser and rotating metal shade that casts a warm glow. Mainly made of brass. This sturdy material, combines quality and aesthetics.

SKU: ML-170-1

SATURNE SUSPENSIONS is the design of the light fixture with a rotatable brass ring, and it hangs in multiple combinations, making it a reflection of your vision of the universe. The scattered light hits the glass back and forth through the glass, making people feel warm without being dizzy.

SKU: ML-185-1

Scopas Suspension Lamp created by repeating a basic module, this hanging light consists of a structurally incomplete sphere. Gives a beautiful visual experience. Available in two finishes: black and white. Mainly made of metal, aluminum and ABS.

SKU: PL2023022004-1

The Screen Cannage Pendant Light creates a great sense of space and makes the room look neat. Full of natural sense, the beautiful rattan pendant lamp gives a quiet mood, which is suitable for home decoration.

SKU: ML-097-1

Hemispherical Sky Garden Pendant Light, mechanically processed cast plaster diffuser painted white inside. Outer finish: rust, glossy black, glossy white or matte gold. Plaster diffuser support in die-cast aluminum alloy.

SKU: SM-0248

Smithfield Suspension pendant / ceiling light adopts a classic chandelier design, with simple branches connecting the lampshade, no redundant design. Suspension lamp with direct light. Aluminium body. Available in gloss black, glossy white, black and white.

SKU: ML-273-2

Regular lines make modernist pendant light full of design sense. With the shape of cage, it will create a magnificent pattern on the ceiling when it is illuminated. Mainly made of metal,steel and aluminum. Available in four finishes and four sizes.

SKU: SPL-221081616-3

With the shape of bell, Suspence Pendant Light can calm you down, which is full of Zen-like sense. Simple color finish gives it Nordic minimalism, making it suitable for any modern indoor designs. Suspence pendant light is an exquisite design full of modernization. Made of high-quality aluminium and polycarbonate materials,and there are 4 finishes that you can choose:Black,Copper,Light Gray and White.

SKU: ML-141-1

The Tripla Lamp series is not set in stone in its contemporary design, shaped like shimmering jewels, entirely handcrafted by local artisans, evoking the femininity of jewels and lights. It looks like a crystal hanging in the air, very luxurious. Three colors are available.

SKU: ML-067-2

Twis Pendant Lamp is a beautiful ceiling lamp, an elegant appearance and exquisite. This lamp uses a wonderful asymmetrical design to add edge and versatility to home. Modern and elegant style can improve the overall ambience of the room.

SKU: ML-187-2

U Concrete pendant lamp, the combination of minimalism and modern craftsmanship, giving a sense of calm. It can be placed in any area to create a comfortable atmosphere, dining room, living room, bedroom, simple and stylish images can be integrated into all environments.

SKU: UPL-1556-1

Unfold pendant lamp is a modern and exquisite design for lightning.With the simple but fashionable lampshade,the lamp is like an inverted funnel. Made of novel materials, Unfold Pendant Lamp features fifteen choices of finishes, including vigorous and fresh colors, which is easy to make you have a good mood. It can be used singly or hung with combination.

SKU: ML-149-2

The retro Utzon JU1 Pendant is an iconic creation. The stylish Utzon suspension light is lacquered with on-trend finishes such as warm copper and polished brass, radiating a contemporary vibe that’s perfect for your home. Available in 3colors.

SKU: ML-231-3

Vanamo (Linnaea borealis) pendant has been inspired by a Finnish flora. VANAMO PENDANT can scatter different lights when it is lit. It has three colors for you to choose from: White, Blue or Black. When each color is lit, it will produce an eye-catching effect, which will add color to the indoor space.


Adopting a special material-cocoon, Viscontea Suspension lamp has an irregular shape. The translucent shade covers light, making it look like an exotic lantern.

SKU: ML-070-17

Volta Suspension has a very interesting design, minimally designed and curved lines give people an elegant artistic breath, the lamp poles of the lamps are like a parabolic line, and many soft lines form a unique lighting, which can be any Excellent supplement.


The combination of glass and ripple-texture makes Water Ripple Glass Pendant become the comfortable light fixture, creating the peaceful and serene atmosphere. Made of glass, iron and acryl, it is composed by two cones with a ring connection, like an hourglass.

SKU: ML-191-2

Wicker Rattan Handmade Pendant Lamp is a unique and stylish lighting fixture. It is handmade using wicker rattan material for a natural and organic look. This pendant light can hang from ceilings and adds a cozy ambience to any space.

SKU: ML-037-1

The Wireflow free form pendant consists of a black cable that uses an LED light source to connect to the lamp terminals. It connects the light bulbs through the simplest lines.

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