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If you want to decorate the interior space beautifully, choosing an appropriate modern table lamp is essential. If you like elegant table lights, we have some exotic glass table lamps for living room. There are small cordless table lamps with usb ports which are the convient bedside lamps or bedroom lamps, since they are able to be moved anywhere. A functional desk lamp will create an uplifting atmosphere for studying or working.


Linen Table Lamp is a simple and refined design.With the shape of the lampshade,the light is full of ancient but modern feeling.It is made of high-quality Iron and Linen cloth materials,and there are 2 finishes that you can choose:White and Black. The product is simple in shape, hand-made, novel in style, soft in light transmission and not dazzling, and the center pillar feels neat and delicate in texture.


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An ostrich feather lamp is a type of decorative lighting that features a lampshade made of real or synthetic ostrich feathers, often in white or pastel colors. The feathers are arranged in a fluffy, feathery pattern, creating a unique and luxurious look.


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The midcentury modern bedside blue ceramic table lamp is a decorative desk lamp that combines ceramic art and lighting elements, providing a soft and warm lighting atmosphere.


The rechargeable cordless table lamp uses energy-efficient LED technology, which is both eco-friendly and cost-effective. 

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Modern Brass Task Lamp is stylish and simple, and the metal material makes this table lamp have a better texture and a longer service life. Use it to decorate your bedside tables and desks.

SKU: ATL-5-1

The shade of the Marble Base Leaf table lamp is shaped like a leaf. The combination of metal and marble makes this table lamp more elegant, suitable for your bedside and dining table.


Floral Art Stained Glass Tiffany Bedside Lamps This series of floral table lamps has a lot of styles to choose from. It is a combination of retro style and modern design and can be used in various scenes.


Nordic design style for bauhaus bedside table lamps with dome glass shades, simple and stylish appearance brings you a different experience.


Small USB LED table lamp with art decor ceramic base uses an energy-efficient LED bulb and is powered by a USB port, making it a convenient and stylish lighting option for any small surface, such as a desk or nightstand. This lamp adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to any home or office decor.

SKU: ML-072-1-10

Atollo Metal Table Lamp has the cute shape of a mushroom which is composed of a cylinder, cone, and hemisphere, expressing the eternal beauty of geometry. Available in two sizes and four finishes. 

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