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If you want to decorate the interior space beautifully, choosing an appropriate modern table lamp is essential. If you like elegant table lights, we have some exotic glass table lamps for living room. There are small cordless table lamps with usb ports which are the convient bedside lamps or bedroom lamps, since they are able to be moved anywhere. A functional desk lamp will create an uplifting atmosphere for studying or working.


The best features of this table lamp are wireless charging, long-lasting light, flexible placement and no need for an outlet. The included remote control makes it easy to adjust the brightness, improving practicality and creating a variety of atmospheres. Made of high-quality materials, the table lamp is finely sanded and polished, exuding simplicity and elegance. The unique shade ensures a soft, even light, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in your space.

SKU: ML-071-5

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The neutral tones of the marble make this vintage table lamp a timeless addition to any home. The soft and comfortable light avoids your eyes fatigue and protects our bright big eyes. The table lamp can be used for the bedroom, living room, office, Kid's room, and so on.

SKU: gun-dan-1

The base of this table lamp is made of unique handcrafted ceramic for simple elegance. The natural textures and colors bring a serene aesthetic to any space. Its linen fabric shade produces a soft illumination that ensures even light distribution, providing a comfortable reading or working environment.


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Inspired by the beauty of natural light and the art of lanterns, the Modern Lantern LED Cordless Table Lamp is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Its simple yet elegant appearance fully reflects the attention to detail and love of simplicity.


The cordless restaurant table lamp has exquisite craftsmanship and can adapt to various indoor and outdoor scenes. This contemporary desk lamp is available in black, gold and silver.


The candle warmer lamp is made of high quality glass and has an elegant look, making it ideal for enhancing your interior decor. In addition, it is smokeless and flameless, which means you can safely enjoy the candle wax melting and scent emanating without the danger of an open flame. Bring unrivaled luxury to your home.


The two lampshades of the rustic and vinatge desk lamp show the harmony of different personalities, one high and one low, show the harmony of different personalities, and the U-shaped resin base connects them together. This midcentury modern resin table light can freely find a place in the study, bedroom, living room and other spaces to create a warm and interesting atmosphere.


The Vintage Ceramic Linen Shade Table Lamp is a vintage-inspired table lamp with a beautiful ceramic base and linen shade combination that brings a warm and cozy ambiance to any space.


The Pink Painted Textured Glass Table Lamp is a table lamp that combines artistry with practicality. Featuring its pink glass material and unique textured shape, it brings a beautiful visual focal point to your space.


The Modern Portable Rechargeable Dimmable Cordless LED Table Lamp is a tabletop lighting fixture that combines modern looks, portability, rechargeability, dimmability and LED technology. The idea behind this fixture is to provide a convenient and flexible lighting solution for modern living.


The Exquisite Brass Color Rechargeable Dimmable Cordless Table Lamp is a high-end table lamp that blends classic styling with modern technology. Its exquisite brass color palette, rechargeable capabilities, dimmable features and wireless ease of portability make it a practical and decorative lighting tool.


This is a practical LED table lamp with simple modern design. Warm white eye-caring soft light is evenly scattered on the snow white lampshade, creating a comfortable and romantic atmosphere space. With the multifunctional features as portable, waterproof, rechargeable, durable, it's the best table lamp with function and decoration for both indoor and outdoor scenes.


The Vintage Handmade Cordless LED Table Lamp is a unique table lamp that combines vintage style with modern technology. Its handmade craftsmanship and cordless design bring a cozy and free atmosphere to your living space.


The styling concept of the Minimalist Unique Fabric Shade Table Lamp is minimalist and uncomplicated. Its clean and elegant lines make it easy to incorporate into a variety of décor styles, whether it's in a study, living room or bedroom. At the same time, the design of its shade and base is full of creativity, allowing this seemingly simple table lamp to display a unique personality and charm.


The Ceramic Table Lamp is a uniquely styled tabletop lighting fixture with classic appeal. The body of this lamp is made of fine ceramic that has been carefully sculpted and delicately handcrafted to showcase a unique vintage style. It comes with a fabric shade that provides a soft and cozy light to your space while adding an elegant artistic touch.


The body of this table lamp is made of high-quality wood for durability, and its unique texture and warm color tone will add a natural touch to your space. Equipped with a linen shade that emits a soft and cozy light, it provides your space with warm and inviting illumination. Also featuring a dimmable function, you can easily adjust the brightness of the light to suit your needs and the occasion.


The Handmade Simple Rustic Ceramic Table Lamp is a rustic, handmade ceramic table lamp. Constructed of handmade ceramic, its body is simple and natural, displaying a unique artistic flavor and rustic beauty. Equipped with a fabric shade that emits a soft and cozy light, it provides your space with warm and inviting illumination.

SKU: 20231128BTL-02

This table lamp features egg tart shaped glass shade with a ripple effect, creating a mesmerizing visual display when illuminated. The sleek and minimalist design of the lamp base perfectly complements the artistic glass shade, making it a focal point in any room.


Linen Table Lamp is a simple and refined design.With the shape of the lampshade,the light is full of ancient but modern feeling.It is made of high-quality Iron and Linen cloth materials,and there are 2 finishes that you can choose:White and Black. The product is simple in shape, hand-made, novel in style, soft in light transmission and not dazzling, and the center pillar feels neat and delicate in texture.

SKU: TL2023030701-1

Colorful Ceramic Table Lamp is a table lamp with a technological look, the hollowed out fabric shade and pebble shaped base make the lamp look like a piece of sculptural art, it is made of high quality garment, PVC and ceramic materials and is available in five colors for you to choose from: White, Pink, Orange, Light Blue and Green.

SKU: TL2023022003-1

The Marquis Table Lamp with its delicate patterns, will vividly bloom a rose for your eye to see, which will render a romantic atmosphere. Mainly made of PMMA. With LED chip light source.

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An ostrich feather lamp is a type of decorative lighting that features a lampshade made of real or synthetic ostrich feathers, often in white or pastel colors. The feathers are arranged in a fluffy, feathery pattern, creating a unique and luxurious look.

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The midcentury modern bedside blue ceramic table lamp is a decorative desk lamp that combines ceramic art and lighting elements, providing a soft and warm lighting atmosphere.


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This rechargeable cordless desk lamp features energy-efficient LED technology, and its lightweight, compact aluminum body ensures it's durable and easy to move around. The rechargeable cordless desk lamp provides up to 8 hours of illumination without the need for a power cord, and a touch of the top controls the brightness of the warm colored light.
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Modern Brass Task Lamp is stylish and simple, and the metal material makes this table lamp have a better texture and a longer service life. Use it to decorate your bedside tables and desks.

SKU: TL020235-3

With a unique design, the concise Table Gun Lamp is a good lighting tool and decoration, which will never be out-dated. Available in two sizes and finishes. Mainly made of metal and PVC with LED light source. 

SKU: AKTL12222

The creative and modern Akari 24N Table Lamp skillfully combines light with paper, and the light sculpture creates a warm glow and a pleasant atmosphere.

SKU: ATL-5-1

The shade of the Marble Base Leaf table lamp is shaped like a leaf. The combination of metal and marble makes this table lamp more elegant, suitable for your bedside and dining table.


The Vintage Pleated Shade Natural Wood Table Lamp is available in wood and walnut to bring a warm, vintage vibe to your interior.


These contemporary white table lamps bring the iconic bubble design to your room. Its art silk lampshade is set on a metal base with a pull chain. Suitable as bedside lamps.


Nordic design style for bauhaus bedside table lamps with dome glass shades, simple and stylish appearance brings you a different experience.


Small USB LED table lamp with art decor ceramic base uses an energy-efficient LED bulb and is powered by a USB port, making it a convenient and stylish lighting option for any small surface, such as a desk or nightstand. This lamp adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to any home or office decor.

SKU: ML-072-1-10

Atollo Metal Table Lamp has the cute shape of a mushroom which is composed of a cylinder, cone, and hemisphere, expressing the eternal beauty of geometry. Available in two sizes and four finishes. 


Transform your living space with the unique and captivating design of an antique tiffany stained glass table lamp.


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