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Choosing a hanging lamp is very important to the overall aesthetics of your home. For example, an open kitchen island needs decorative and functional kitchen pendant lighting fixtures. In our store, we have hanging lights of various styles, such as modern pendant lighting, rattan pendant lights, glass pendant lights with globe balls. These are perfect pendant lighting for kitchen islands, living rooms, and bedrooms. Browse around and you'll find something you like.

SKU: PL2023041008-6

The Farmhouse glass pendant lighting for kitchen island is a sleek silhouette and exposed hardware to create a coastal farmhouse accent above your kitchen island. This vintage glass pendant lights show a vintage sense for your kitchen.

SKU: 25-665

Nordic boho bell shaped rattan chandelier is made of natural bamboo handmade rattan. Combining artisanal technology with modern comfort and nature, Rattan Pendant Light displays a very new artistic aesthetic and is a great treat for your eyes.


Modern fabric drum bedroom pendant lights are a type of contemporary lighting fixtures that feature a drum-shaped shade made from fabric material. These pendant lights are designed to be suspended from the ceiling and are commonly used in bedrooms to provide functional and decorative illumination.

SKU: ML-191-2

Wicker Rattan Handmade Pendant Lamp is a unique and stylish lighting fixture. It is handmade using wicker rattan material for a natural and organic look. This pendant light can hang from ceilings and adds a cozy ambience to any space.

SKU: ML-004-5

The American modern industrial glass kitchen pendant lighting is a stylish and practical light fxiture for kitchen islands. It is well-known for its thick metal trim and unique glass shades, combining modern and vintage elements perfectly.

SKU: tgp-gap-33

The modern round crystal chandelier light is a gorgeous high ceiling chandelier that adds a touch of luxury to any space it illuminates. Timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship make it a popular choice for homeowners and interior designers alike.

SKU: ML-046-15

The Farmhouse ceiling fan with remote and light is a great solution for providing both light and air circulation in your home. The fandelier features a sleek design with a metal base and metal blades, and comes in four colors.

SKU: PL1690180BK
$94.20 $157.00
The large size of the pendant light ensures ample illumination, making it perfect for illuminating dining areas, foyers, or even commercial spaces.Limited time discount up to 30% off!

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SKU: 25-15-3

Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp with Rotatable Lampshades is outlining the beauty of geometric figures. Made of metal and steel, it has two rotatable opposing shades to create various models. Available in one size and seven finishes.

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Color - Copper, Black, Silver+Black, White, Silver+White
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Beautiful Beading Pendant Lamp features a special glass lampshade due to its colors and folds, which makes it look like a gem. With the light, it's like a dazzling diamond. It can be hung singly or with more colors together.

SKU: VGGHL20231020-04

Vintage Green Glass Hanging Lamp brings natural embellishment to your home, which will remind you of the verdant fresh Spring. The sophisticated texture of the lampshade makes it seem like a great artwork. 

Imagine walking into your room and feeling like you're under a cloud. 
The Wabi Sabi cloud khmara pendant light is impressive and wonderful.
SKU: ML-005-1

Concrete Vasa Minimalist Pendant Light is chic and stylish. Crafted minimalist concrete chandelier inspired by New York loft style and Scandinavian minimalism. Available in various sizes and one color.

SKU: ML-128-2
Geometry in its purest form. Origo collection is very popular with its special appearance design. The light it emits is warm and comfortable. Ideal for living rooms and rooms. You can choose the right product according to your needs.
SKU: ML-061-1

Nordic Minimalism Pendant Light combines modern style with traditional industrial design. Rich color combinations are paired with austere designs to create a different aesthetic feeling.

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