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SKU: PLAT123-1

With classic simple color, personalized the A110 pendant lamp is a retro artwork, which will never be out-dated. Made of iron. Available in one size and two finishes.

SKU: ML-167-2

Aballs Suspension is a modern style. Aballs Suspension's traditional hand-blown glass utilizes world-class craftsmanship.

SKU: #25-12

This innovative form of modern pendant lighting is constructed from a varnished aluminum sheet with a photo-etched optical PC shade. It is extremely durable.

SKU: #25-12-1

The advanced version-dimmable aim pendant light is versatile and functional. The adjustable led light source makes it suitable for both private and public space. This innovative form of modern pendant lighting is constructed from a varnished aluminum sheet with a photo-etched optical PC (polycarbonate) shade. 


Akari Pendant Lights' modern take on Japanese paper lanterns is ideal for indoor lighting.

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SKU: NEW-11-1

Aplomb Concrete Pendant Lamp has the typical Nordic style of simple industrial style. The lamp is made of concrete and aluminum. And the pendant lamp is very durable.

SKU: ML-157-1

Aplomb Pendant Large uses this material in an innovative kind of way. Hang the lamp on its own or use several lamps as a composition at different heights. The Aplomb Pendant is singularly industrial, using light to place a conventional material like concrete in an unconventionally elegant context.

SKU: ML-265-1

Arc globe pendant light, as a combination of modern minimalist style and vintage color collocation, Arc globe pendant light releases a graceful taste. Glass lampshade with warm light renders a cozy space.

SKU: ML-148-1

Artist pendant lamp feature beautiful timeless designs and simple shapes that complement any modern or classic design style. Available in a variety of finishes.


Bamboo Pendant light has a simple and atmospheric appearance, very similar to the traditional Chinese material culture - lantern. Elegant appearance combined with bright warmth and glow will create a natural and earthy environment for you to relax.

SKU: ML-188-2

BANG Concrete pendant lamp is an environmentally friendly chandelier.  Designers recycle ceramic waste into simple forms of daily furniture, incorporating materials into daily life to reflect the harmony between nature and life.  


Beautiful Beading Pendant Lamp features a special glass lampshade due to its colors and folds, which makes it look like a gem. With the light, it's like a dazzling diamond. It can be hung singly or with more colors together.

SKU: ML-076-1

Beat Pendant Light is very popular with its special appearance design. It can be used in many different configurations to create a dramatic statement. Hang them individually or as a group using one or more of the shapes and one of our round or linear pendant systems. 

SKU: ML-205-1

The Big One collection with a matt core embodies gentle poetry, simplicity, purity and balanced proportions. The delicate design of the air bubbles floating in the center of the large sphere evokes a sense of suspension. Outer glass available in a variety of colors.

SKU: ML-245-1

Biossi Pendant Light embraces the latest LED technology, which is expressed through the specially developed LED module. It is placed in the lamp so that the light reflects in the screen of glass and metal, and spreads a beautiful and soft, indirect light in its surroundings. 

SKU: PLBP564-2

The Blown pendant light is embellished with stripes, forming a unique and elegant design. The lamp has one look in one size. It is mainly made of glass.

SKU: ML-096-1

Bolle Sola Pendant Light is like soap bubbles in the air, creating a dreamy and romantic world with simple sticks and glass balls. The smooth surface of the glass chandelier is the most immediate charm of glass products.

SKU: ML-232-1

The elegant Brass Pendant & Opal Shade lampshade is part of the Light Collection of ferm Living and convinces with its three simple shapes, which enhance every ambience optically and atmospherically. The high-quality opal glass with a glossy finish offers a diffuse light emission, which gives the entire room a cosy atmosphere.

SKU: ML-153-4

This stunning LED pendant is a beautiful addition to our Cale Pendant collection. With its refined aesthetics, it is sure to add the perfect touch to your decor. Available in two finishes.

SKU: ML-171-3

The design of the Capsula Pendant light was inspired by Capsula. Capsula is a sophisticated and exhilarating light bearing resemblance to a plant cell or seed. The nucleus of the piece is a tubular triplex-glass LED light source, that transects the inner shade and translucent external shell to form a notional axis.

SKU: PLCPL4516-9

Modern Simplicity Pendant Light adopts the unique design of connection between aluminium lampshade and cable, making it look like suspending in the air. The smooth surface outlines the beauty of lines. 

SKU: ML-008-3

Chiswick Glass Pendant Light combines modern and mid-century charm with an industrial style. It is mainly made of metal and glass and features a simple design with a honeycomb shade inside the glass shade.

SKU: ML-179-1

Chrona dish Suspension is inspired by the planets in the universe, mimicking the phosphorescent shells around stars. Simple design appearance, surrounded by flat copper plates and LED light strips, giving a mysterious and warm feeling.


With an in-built LED-strip, Classic glass pendant lamp features smooth glass lampshade and cool metal connection, forming a quiet and peaceful ensemble. Made of metal and glass. Available in one size and three finishes.

SKU: 25-48

CoCo pendant light adopts the classic Nordic design, combined with the use of Asian materials, the perfect combination of East and West. Available in two sizes and finishes.

SKU: ML-006-4

Coil Ceiling Pendant Light, made of fine iron, high quality materials, modern minimalist style, not only lighting but also the decoration of your home. Available in three sizes and two finishes:black and white.

SKU: ML-135-2

The Cosmos collection consists of chandelier clusters of flattened spheres of various sizes, creating the optical illusion of a sphere floating in mid-air.


Imagine walking into your room and feeling like you're under a cloud. 

The Wabi Sabi cloud khmara pendant light is impressive and wonderful.
SKU: #7.17-1

Crescent pendant Lamp is a luminous opal sphere cut in half to reveal a crescent shaped brushed brass trim. This crescent chandelier is like the moon in the home, separated from the center.


Like a sophisticated perfume bottole, Dark Blue Glass Pendant Lamp emits the chic and elegant fragrance any time. Made of glass and iron, it has a disc shape, which is available in various forms and combinations.

SKU: ML-307-1

Based on minimalist style, Dot Suspension adopts circle as its main part, which adds an artistic charm. It has two models, pendant lamp and wall lamp. Available in three finishes.

SKU: ML-214-9

Eclipse Pendant is celestial in both its name and inspiration. Eclipse is available as a singular pendant light, tiered chandelier and table lamp in polished chrome and polished gold finishes. Eclipse Pendant Light is very popular with its special appearance design. The light it emits is warm and comfortable. Ideal for bedroom, living room and sink. You can choose the right product according to your needs.

SKU: NEW-4-2

Formakami pendant light is a modern interpretation of classic Asian paper lanterns. Handmade with rice paper, combining various sizes and shapes.

SKU: ML-230-1

Frisby pendant light is a magical and chic hanging lamp. The futuristic design is rich in technology and can give you a very unusual lighting experience. Available in two shade colors.

SKU: PLGSL1256-1

The Ginger chandelier has a unique appearance design. Mainly made of metal. Available in three sizes.

SKU: ML-004-5

The American modern industrial glass kitchen pendant lighting is a stylish and practical light fxiture for kitchen islands. It is well-known for its thick metal trim and unique glass shades, combining modern and vintage elements perfectly.

SKU: ML-059-16

Glass Wall Sconce/ Pendant Lamp perfectly combines modern lighting technology with traditional craftsmanship, illuminating comfortable and soft light, creating a comfortable and relaxing space for you.

SKU: VGGHL20231020-04

Vintage Green Glass Hanging Lamp brings natural embellishment to your home, which will remind you of the verdant fresh Spring. The sophisticated texture of the lampshade makes it seem like a great artwork. 

SKU: PLDFA1646-1

Gregg Pendant Lamp is a luminous stone-shaped chandelier. The shade is free blown satin glass and is available in different sizes. This lamp is definitely one of the best choices for your interior decoration. Suitable for use in living room, dining room and staircase lighting.


Günter Leuchtmann Le Tre Streghe Pendant Lamp is handmade by the famous Murano glass. The ball broke the rays of the halogen lamp, creating a charming lighting effect in the room. The lamp provides two lighting effects and one size.

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SKU: ML-198-22

Originally conceived as a graphic interpretation of effervescence, Halo is a series of bold lamps inspired by the warm glow of their lighting fixtures. Soft light radiates outwards through the lampshade, creating a particularly comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

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