Kitchen Pendant Lamp

Kitchen Pendant Lamps provide a modern and stylish look to any kitchen. These lamps feature a variety of styles and designs to match any kitchen decor. Kitchen Pendant Lamps are also an energy-efficient solution for lighting, providing ample lighting for food preparation and entertaining.

SKU: PL2023041008-6

The Farmhouse glass pendant lighting for kitchen island is a sleek silhouette and exposed hardware to create a coastal farmhouse accent above your kitchen island. This vintage glass pendant lights show a vintage sense for your kitchen.

SKU: ML-046-15

The Farmhouse ceiling fan with remote and light is a great solution for providing both light and air circulation in your home. The fandelier features a sleek design with a metal base and metal blades, and comes in four colors.

SKU: 25-48

CoCo pendant light adopts the classic Nordic design, combined with the use of Asian materials, the perfect combination of East and West. Available in two sizes and finishes.

SKU: ML-004-5

The American modern industrial glass kitchen pendant lighting is a stylish and practical light fxiture for kitchen islands. It is well-known for its thick metal trim and unique glass shades, combining modern and vintage elements perfectly.

SKU: 25-15-3

Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp with Rotatable Lampshades is outlining the beauty of geometric figures. Made of metal and steel, it has two rotatable opposing shades to create various models. Available in one size and seven finishes.

SKU: ML-043-1-2

The Heracleum LED chandelier can be used in various ways to transform your home decor. It's perfect for serving as a beautiful focal point, adding a touch of elegance to any space. 

SKU: ML-132-1

This Miira Pendant Light reflects the beauty of the ball. Various finishes and glass colors contribute to a variety of styles. The Miira 4 Pendant Light comes with a coordinating ceiling plate and a fabric cable measuring 150 cm in length. Also available is the Miira 1 Pendant Light and the Miira Wall Lamp.

SKU: ML-084-3

Aluminum Chain Chandelier, a delicate chandelier that will animate any space in your home. The jewelry grade silver chain is wrapped around the polished frame in several eye pleasing designs.


Modern fabric drum bedroom pendant lights are a type of contemporary lighting fixtures that feature a drum-shaped shade made from fabric material. These pendant lights are designed to be suspended from the ceiling and are commonly used in bedrooms to provide functional and decorative illumination.

SKU: MMLLW1221-5

The modern metal linear LED wall sconce light is a sleek and contemporary lighting fixture designed with a long rectangular shape and energy-efficient LED lights. Its minimalist design and durability make it a stylish and practical lighting solution for a variety of indoor spaces.


Crafted with delicate rice paper, this pendant light exudes a soft, warm glow that creates a serene and inviting ambiance in any space.


Modern Beige Pleated Pendant Light is simple and elegant in design, suitable for bedroom, dining room, living room, kitchen island in your warm home.


With their sleek and versatile design, the White Silk Nelson Bubble Lamps seamlessly integrate into various interior styles, from minimalist to eclectic. Elevate your space with the allure of these enchanting lamps - order the White Silk Nelson Bubble Lamps today and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality.

SKU: Glass20230829-1

Multiple functions, multiple options.

Design A : ceiling light

Design B : a pendant light

Design C : a three-head pendant light.

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