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Discover the perfect modern floor lamps for your living room. Our standing lamps cover LED floor lamps with RGB ambient lighting, arc floor lamps for reading, functional floor lamps with shelves. Besides, the stylish rattan floor lamps, wooden floor lights and brass standing lights serve as interior decoration even when they are not in use. Find a farmhouse, vintage standing light or something that suits your needs and furniture environment.


The simple design makes this standing lamp suitable for various places such as bedroom, study, living room, office and so on. The high bar floor lamp with foot switch design is perfect for all people including the elderly and children to fully enjoy the convenience of the floor lamp.


Unlike other traditional floor lamps that are not bright enough, our floor lamp is bright enough for 2000 lumens, enough to read and work in your living room or bedroom, and light up any corner of the room.With a 20-watt LED arc floor lamp (equivalent to 100 watts) and a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, you don't have to bother replacing any bulbs, bringing more convenience and brightness to your daily needs.

SKU: 20230829-15

This glass flower floor lamp is soft and not dazzling, and the milk white glass brings soft light, creating a warm atmosphere and suitable for a space of 3-15 square meters.

SKU: FL20240126-01

This is a unique and creative floor lamp that is highly regarded for its beautiful design and practical functions. Crafted from metal, it has excellent wear-resistant and water-resistant properties that can stand the test of time and provide you with a long-lasting and durable experience.

SKU: LILYFL240129-2

Not only does this fixture look attractive, the combination of iron and PE material is both sturdy and lightweight, and it is designed with a high-gloss roto-molded shade that allows the light to spill evenly throughout the room. You will enjoy a soft and cozy lighting effect that creates a fantastic atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or dining room.

SKU: FL20240126-GN

This is a beautiful looking lamp with easy installation and versatile applications. Its tulip shaped shade and leaf stem base design shows elegance and natural style. Whether it is used in living rooms, bedrooms, offices or hotels, it adds unique charm and warm light to the space.

SKU: PL11120-N52

The Parentesi light uses metal as the material of the lamp.You can enjoy enough at any time. Rich choice of finishes. Use for living room, bedroom and so on.

SKU: AKTL12222

The creative and modern Akari 24N Table Lamp skillfully combines light with paper, and the light sculpture creates a warm glow and a pleasant atmosphere.

SKU: 162-5

This LED corner floor lights are very well designed, saving space and blending perfectly into the corner. RGB floor lamps are a good choice when you need a party at home, or some atmospheric lighting at some point. 

SKU: ML-056-1

The stylish and minimalist Arborescence Series Lamps has table lamps, floor lamps and pendant lamps. The base of this lamp mimics the shape of a tree branch, giving it an elegant and calming feel.

SKU: ML-0119-1

The structure of the Shift Lamp Floor lamp is a modern lamp body and a stand consisting of three wooden sticks, giving the feeling of camping in the wild. Shift uses solid wood from renewable sources in its production.


The linear LED Floor/Table lamp is a low-power Floor/Table lamp. Provides soft lighting. Very suitable for lighting the exhibition space. The lamp is available in 1 color: black, and there is a remote dimming version.

SKU: ML-281-2

Noctambule Floor Lamp is rich in creativity and elegant shape and is loved by people. Adjustable light and various light combinations make this light more of an interior decoration. It embodies the rigor of a well-designed product that is powerful. Available in two finishes, with LED source.


Minimalist Wabi-sabi Tripod Akari Floor Lamp is a part of the Akari light sculptures. Its unique atmosphere and simple design can better decorate bedrooms and living rooms.


Whether placed in a living room, bedroom, or office, the Akari 10A Floor Lamp becomes an enchanting focal point that elevates the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings.

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